Uchuu Doreikan Amado Ishukan Haramasare Dorei Yuki

Uchuu Doreikan Amado Ishukan Haramasare Dorei Yuki

A female crew is working on a supply mission together with her boyfriend. Received a sudden proposal of marriage, her happiness is larger than ever, when she is kidnapped by an enemy battleship. Surprisingly the captain of the battleship asks her to marry him, too. She refuses him, and in return the captain coerces her to be a sex slave to spare the life of her boyfriend. By the rape of different kind by the miracle it is reported to have gotten pregnant and the marriage is proposed by the captain. Happiness seemed to come, but the captain is murdered. It was a former fiance that shouted that it had loved and brought before the woman who felt sorry. It is raped by the fiance who loved before, story of tragedy of woman who get pregnant by rape…

First air date Nov. 26, 2016

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