Torokase Orgasm The Animation

Torokase Orgasm The Animation

Episode 1 [Vine Thread of Shade].
I’m going to spend my summer vacation in my father’s country.
To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but when I met my aunt, who was my first love, I couldn’t contain my secret feelings…
[I’ll give you a kiss]
But of course, the kiss is not enough…

Episode 2 [Let’s do it!]
When Yukito hears a rumor that Kotomi-sensei, who he has loved since he was a child, is getting married, he can’t stand it and goes to see her…
He confesses his feelings to her, but then his feelings go out of control and he attacks her!
But when she finds out that Kotomi-sensei lied about her marriage…

First air date Sep. 24, 2021

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