Succubus Appli Gakuen Sai

Succubus Appli Gakuen Sai

Yuma Oda, an ordinary schoolboy, receives a smartphone app called Hypnos.
It’s an app with the power of lewdness in it, and it says that you can freely command and hypnotize women.
The app is free for the first time and when he tries it on a girl in his class, it becomes a reality!
When he returns home in disbelief, the lecherous Rina Arume appears and tells him that Yuma has been chosen as a candidate to test the app.
To test it out, she types the word “hypnotic” to her cheeky classmate “Fujimiya” at school.
The next day, after confirming that Fujimiya’s memory of yesterday is fuzzy due to the effects of the application, he unleashes the hypnotic word to turn Fujimiya into Yuma Oda’s exclusive [sex-handling mouth organ] as the next step!

First air date Mar. 07, 2021

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