Shinju No Kakera Ayamachi No Hi, Soshite Piece Of Pearl

Shinju No Kakera Ayamachi No Hi, Soshite Piece Of Pearl

October 17, 2019
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All animations were forearm drawn and the utter frolicking time exceeds 35 mins.
This is the “lump of jewel” the very first extract!

six years ago, Yukari was sexually cracked by her relative man, who is 7 years junior than she.
At a funeral, they meet each other again.
Their relationship seems to have cracked the ice, tho at night, when they are two alone, the boy attacks her again .

Over 1300 frames of cartoon!
Over 35 mins worth of softcore playback!
The nymph temper is entirely voiced by Ama Shina.
A immense number of usable completing vi

Original title 真珠の欠片 あやまちの日、そして・・・
First air date Mar. 05, 2010


  • There are still no episodes this season

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