Serfs to Passion

Serfs to Passion

August 18, 2020

Juichiro is a painter who seeks perfection in all things ? his artwork, his household, and most of all, his women. His artistic talent flows forth from an insatiable lust for S&M, bondage, and pleasure mingled with pain. Juichiro?s apprentice, Kaoru, envies his master – not just for his artistic skills, but also for the source of their inspiration: Juichiro?s beautiful wife Reika, whom Kaoru fantasizes about constantly. When Juichiro dies unexpectedly, Kaoru suddenly realizes that Reika is now free for the taking, and all of his erotic fantasies become very, very real. Will Reika?s sadistic desires be the key to Kaoru?s artistic renewal? or will he become nothing more than a serf to passion?

First air date May. 22, 2001

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