Rebecca Assault Hell – Gladiator Of Treason

Rebecca Assault Hell – Gladiator Of Treason

December 2, 2019
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One lump Parody!

girl gladiator Rebecca fought for life and limb in the coliseum.
One day, news open up that the king was injured and presently unguarded at the castle.
eyeing her chance to assassinate the horrible despot, Rebecca went to the castle,
but the news was a trap to tempt her out of the coliseum and into his ward
as a human sub. There was no way she could fight such a unholy rival,
and was chained and commanded like a living girl, broken during “product check”,
and introduced to her buyer: that heaving mass of a captain, champ…


Original title レ◯ッカ凌辱地獄 罠に堕ちた女剣闘士
First air date Aug. 23, 2014

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