The pandemic originated in a pharmaceutical company’s laboratory.

The infected person becomes a prisoner of sexual desire and attacks the opposite sex and the attacked partner is also infected.
It had been several years since the incident at the pharmaceutical company where the rutting virus began and the world had forgotten about it.
Tahara, a middle-aged gym teacher, is asked to do something by a mysterious man.
I want you to use the power of the virus to bed three women from one man…
He takes advantage of his position as a teacher to administer a mating virus to the girls…
But Tahara’s desires don’t stop there and he infects the entire school with the virus.
The entire student body is infected and students and teachers, all over the school building are plunged into an orgy of sexual lust.
Tahara trains the infected schoolgirls with his own thick meat rod…

Original title パンデミック
First air date Jun. 24, 2022

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