Oyako Rankan The Animation

Oyako Rankan The Animation

August 2, 2019
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Based on the eroge by Alice delicate.

In a village, deep in the mountains off the bashed track, lies a mansion with a headman by the name of Kojiro. Secrets in this mansion have been ostensibly covert. The village has been plagued by low birth rate for some time, and as a means to liquidate it, the village was provided with ladies from the Kamishiro family by the headman. This means was known as the “feast.” The protagonist, Mamoru, and his “onee-chan,” Kotone, were the only survivors of a fat fire ten years preceding. Homeless, they were taken in by the Kamishiro family. tho’, Kotone

Original title 母娘乱館 THE ANIMATION
First air date Sep. 27, 2013


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