Onesama And Ototokun – Reward Edition

Onesama And Ototokun – Reward Edition

October 24, 2019

“My man… You are a lovely stud with good patience…”
“But can you hold on if… If your sis does this…”

This is an cartoon work where an abnormally mushy aged stepsister instills
carnal desire in her lil’ step-brother who was hoisted very rigorously by mom.

Contains two vignettes of prize for investigate and achievement:
– bj that drives him leisurely but surely toward spunking.
– boob fucking that stiffly sandwiches and squashes it

You can love observing the tiny bro’s pitiful ejaculation and the old stepsister’s
sensuous desire to predo

Original title お姉様と弟クン ご褒美編
First air date May. 24, 2018

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