Naked Garden

Naked Garden

October 27, 2019

Yurika-chan and Manami-chan were BFFs.

After school they were the only two left in class. Today they determined to do a secret playtime. They took off their clothes and fondled bods together.

“Manami-chan, your hooters are sensitized.”
“Yurika-chan, your down there place tastes great.”
“No, that’s not for gobbling, that’s my piss place.”
“This is our secret playtime. reminisce it’s our secret from everyone.”
“It’s bizarre to be bare in the place everyone explores.”
“I’m funked but it’s a superb sensing intimidated…”

The dolls sensed so excel

Original title 放課後 ハダカの花園 ふたりでくちゅくちゅ
First air date Jun. 25, 2015


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