Love Doll vol. 1

Love Doll vol. 1

August 19, 2020

When Rachel’s mother dies, she’s left all alone in the world. With nowhere else to go, a nearby convent understandably takes her in. As a grown woman, Rachel discovers that there’s only one thing the people in the convent really understand: how to use her body for their own sexual perversions. From torment at the hands of the nuns, to the Bishop using her as his personal sex serf, Rachel’s only happiness is the time spent with her best friend Beth, and in a chance meeting with her very own “Prince Charming”, Andrew. When an uncle Rachel never knew suddenly appears to take her away, she’s happy to leave the convent behind. But, this may not be the escape she’s always dreamed of. Her sadistic uncle already has plans for his beautiful young niece: he’s going to train her as a Love Doll. Requiring constant rigorous sexual training in every erotic technique, the Love Dolls cater to every lustful whim of the Royal elite. Now even when she’s relax, her training never ends. With such a future ahead, will she ever see her Prince again?

First air date Apr. 05, 2000

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