Kedamono-tachi No Sumu Ie De

Kedamono-tachi No Sumu Ie De

October 23, 2019
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Arata Asaoka lives with his despicable, chauvinist daddy and senior stepbro. A building of trio dudes.

Arata was an illegitimate child. suffering only a minor blood relation to the stud who bastarded him into the world, he was treated like a 2nd-rate human. With nowhere else to go, Arata suffered the violence of his dad and brother-in-law for years. For years, he obliged a smirk and pretended happiness for the sake of strangers… One day he faced the woman who gave him hope. Her name was Koharu Hinomoto. She was a ray of sunshine. Being with Koharu made Arata sense great, and he fell

Original title ケダモノたちの住む家で
First air date Apr. 24, 2015
Last air date Nov. 20, 2015

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