Kanpeki Ojousama no Watakushi

Kanpeki Ojousama no Watakushi

Shirogane Konzern with tremendous power. The daughter, Irina who is the heir. As a successor, she pursued perfection in everything and reigned at the school as the president, an absolute being that everyone longs for.

On the other hand, Yuji Sado, who was recognized as an obedient partner, was in the midst of a masochist service… Celestine who follows as a butler and body guard of Irina was disciplined by punishment of bondage blame. Irina who is pestering for disciplining. The discipline that continues nonstop with Yuji as the master gradually… Standing in front of such a master Yuji was… Irina and Celestine staring at their fluffy belly with a toro face…

First air date May. 29, 2020

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