Invasion Smerinka

Invasion Smerinka

First movie by Smerinka! Sashka and Mishka are perfectly-trained futa-twins. They are hackers and robbers. But their incredible mutation has the side effect – an uncontrollable lust.They had a simple mission – to penetrate into the house undetected, take the object and leave. Mishka should distracts the guard, Sashka goes into the house through the window. It’s simple, they’ve did it a thousand times. But something, or rather someone has distracted them.Darlene was in the house. She is rich, beautiful and bored. You can guess what happened next. Oral, anal, vaginal sex, double penetration, tight bodied babes, huge dicks, juicy butts, big boobs – everything you want so bad in our movie INVASION.

First air date Jan. 04, 2017

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