Inmu Gakuen

Inmu Gakuen

January 4, 2020

Shinji is a high school college girl. He likes Mayuri, his classmate. One day, a sick-apartment tutor, Ryoko, gives him a flappy. It seems people can have a great wish if they sleep with it. On that night, he goes to sofa, holding the flappy… A while afterwards, when he wakes up, he finds himself being in Mayuri’s guest room. Mayuri is asleep in the sofa… He gets sexually sexually aroused and has bang-out with her…! tho, nothing is switched on the next day… He is loosened and randomly has fuckfest with other dolls… What’s the secret of the pendant? What will happen to him in the e

Original title Inmu Gakuen: "Dame... Konna ni Nacchau no wa Yume no Naka Dake nano...!", Obscene Campus Dreams, Inmu ni Torawareta Bijin Shimai
First air date Apr. 30, 2010


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