Ikusa Otome Suvia

Ikusa Otome Suvia

The King of Hell defeated Odin with help of Loki. The Valkyries failed to save him and ended up becoming sex slaves to the demons.As a trade to free himself, Odin had the river source to the World Tree sealed, which will destroy the whole world. But before that, Loki had Freya, Chief of Valkyries, captured to counter Odin’s plot.In order to prevent the World Tree to fall, Loki have to find 2 keys which are protected by 2 invincible Valkyries—Sigurd & Suvia. And Loki turned his lustful attention on Suvia. The two Valkyries was captured and tortured until they lose their virginities.

Original title Ikusa Otome Suvia
First air date Dec. 22, 2007
Last air date Sep. 28, 2009

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