Hika Ryoujoku Wana ni Hamatta Futari

Hika Ryoujoku Wana ni Hamatta Futari

Schoolboy Shinichi meets his new stepsister, Megumi. They had a good relationship.However, he desires her too and he isn’t the only who fancies Megumi, The school bullies wants her panties. Therefore Shinichi finds himself stealing Megumi’s panties and recording lewd footage of her for the bullies. One day he drugged her and she fall asleep. Shinichi undressed Megumi and violated her while filming it. Then the delinquent bullies trapped Megumi in an abandoned house just to meet her brother. Then she was fucked in front of him. Shinichi ask for forgiveness and Megumi let her stepbrother fucks her pussy when they went home.

Original title Hika Ryoujoku: The Lust of Shame
First air date Jan. 17, 2003

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