Harameyo! Nyaruko-san

Harameyo! Nyaruko-san

October 20, 2019
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One holiday Nyaruko visits Mahiro’s apartment.
If you’re wondering why, it’s so she can onslaught him.

“So… so here I go! Itadakimasuuuu!”

Nyaruko takes charge and shovels her wondrous bod on lucky, lucky Mahiro!

Includes slick 30fps 2D After Effects toon!
ultra-cute cupcakes, butt cheeks and forearms in movement!

Hunter mode
The blood of a dark god runs courses thru Mahiro’s veins.
When Nyaruko turns him on his extraordinaire powers mini-rosebud!
During have fun you can hop into Hunter mode and turn
Mahiro from “uke” (enslaved

Original title 孕めよ! ニャル子さんっ
First air date Aug. 08, 2012


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