October 29, 2019
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Keisuke Takatou wakes up in a featureless milky guest room, unsuspicious of how and when he arrived. While testing his whereabouts, he notices six habitual damsels huddled around a enormous monitorhis childhood pal Kanae Hokari, the class president Miyakou Ando, his English lecturer Natsuki Aoi, his junior Rika Makiba, and his classmates Rinne Byakuya and Nemu Manaka.

As they attempt to make perceive of their current situation, a voice abruptly announces thru the monitor, “The game will now commence.” The rules of the game are elementary yet ferocious; assigned as the “unlocker,” Keis

Original title euphoria
First air date Dec. 11, 2011
Last air date Feb. 26, 2016


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