Ero Ishi Seijun Bishoujo wo Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai

Ero Ishi Seijun Bishoujo wo Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai

He’s a patient! Treat him right!
Ueda is a perverted obstetrician who casually turns on the camera while Rena, a naughty gal, is complaining about her naughtiness on the delivery table.
Reina who is spreading the crotch unknowingly to the inside out of the end which buried and falsely pushed up the meat rod and injected the medicine into the vaginal hole through the partition that it is dangerous not to do contraception at least.
I’m just confused by the vaginal cleaning that makes me feel better for some reason with a bright red face…
She is accompanied by Ayano, who is a serious girl but also a severely chubby beauty.
As a result of confiding in the trouble of vulvar inflammation to the hand-whipping of the hobby repeatedly… there is no way to know that the virginity will be taken by penetrating unknowingly to the doctor stick of Ueda as well as Reina..

Original title エロ医師 清純無垢っつり・綾乃~不純診察中ズリ触診~
First air date Jan. 28, 2022

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