Despicable Dreadful Coach Pretty Female Student Fuck Guidance

Despicable Dreadful Coach Pretty Female Student Fuck Guidance

On the last day before school break, pure popular student and girls’ basketball captain Shizuka practiced into the night, until she was the last one in the gym. Shizuka’s despicable basketball coach had a sexual urge for “ugliness to dominate beauty”. What she didn’t know is that the mad freak had imbibed a virus that horrifically mutated his body. He was the ugliness, laying in wait in the storage closet. The trap was set. He would sate his urge in her. The foul coach, grotesque beyond any imagined earthly thing, mercilessly fucked and disgraced beauty in that closet. The toxic mix of a human’s fluids were a potent aphrodisiac. Shizuka became a delirious hentai onna who gulped his stinking c*ck like a pig at the trough. Rancid spools of semen glooped into her perfect vagina, like sickly yogurt.

First air date Aug. 02, 2013

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