Chikan Densha Otoko Gaiden ~densetsu E No Chaser~

Chikan Densha Otoko Gaiden ~densetsu E No Chaser~

October 30, 2019

Manabu gets in a crowded teach every morning. In front of him, there is Haruka, whom he is in love.
He attempted to therapy her a few times, but he couldn’t do it due to his timidness…
One day, he finds a guy molesting a dame.
He attempts to stop it, but the molester counterattacks him.
What saved him was the damsel, who was just being sexually abused by the fellow.
Her name is Natsumi and she tells Manabu that she was being harassed for delectation.
“Why?” “The dude just made my assets like this!” Manabu tells her that he just wished to overcome his sh

Original title 痴漢電車男 外伝 ~伝説へのチェイサー~
First air date Jul. 17, 2009

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