Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe

Boku wa Chiisana Succubus no Shimobe

Shogo Miyazaki fell in love with a girl at his part-time job.
One day, he summons up the courage to confess his feelings to her, but his feelings do not come to fruition.
Shogo was so shocked by his broken heart that he drank himself to death and quit his part-time job in the heat of the moment.
The girl’s voice comes into Shogo’s ears as he can only lie on the bed in desperation.
I turned towards the voice and there was a petite girl with blonde hair.
Despite Shogo’s surprise, she says she has seen him many times in her dreams.
She straddles Shogo and closes in on him.
Shogo backs down, but is restrained by a mysterious power.
Her name is Tiffany and she is a succubus.
Tiffany says that a man with a broken heart tastes great, and she reaches between Shogo’s legs to begin her meal as a succubus.

Original title 僕は小さな淫魔のしもべ 第1話 家畜生活の始まり
First air date Aug. 05, 2022

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