Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better!

Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better!

Yusuke has a problem that any guy would want and most guys wish for. A girl named Reina wants him to be her supposed “private tutor”. Reina’s an extremely well endowed girl, which is probably what drives Yusuke into agreeing to be her “private tutor”. This is where his problem begins. It’s obvious that tutoring is one thing that they will surely not be doing. When Yusuke comes over for Reina’s lesson he runs into her mom. Wow is one word to describe her breasts. Reina’s mom is blessed with a triple F cup, even bigger than Reina’s. She really lays it out there and climbs all over Yusuke. Here’s the big problem. The fight over Yusuke is now going to begin as mother and daughter get ready to show off their sexual skill in order to win.

First air date Jun. 11, 2004

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