Aki Sora Yume no Naka

Aki Sora Yume no Naka

July 28, 2019
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The Aoi siblings, Aki and Sora, are as close as a stepbro and sister in law can be. But as Sora comes in high school, he realizes that his feelings for his elder stepsister go beyond plain family ties. Oblivious to her sibling’s affair, Sora’s twin sister-in-law Nami attempts to get her bestie to go out with him. And unbeknownst to either of them, Nami harbors a deep and envious passion of her own.

Aki-Sorais a love story, for sure, but whose love will be came back? Whose love goes unrequited? Can the bond between brother-in-law and stepsister be strengthened by romance, or will Aki

Original title あきそら
First air date Dec. 18, 2009


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